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OEM Dispenser Inerfold Napkin | Custom LOGO & Design


  1. Dispenser napkin: Folded napkins are wrapped in a suitable metal casing, allowing customers to remove one napkin from the container each time, usually used in restaurants, diners.
  2. Dispenser napkins in bulk for your restaurant, cafe, or diner – Get fast shipping and wholesale pricing from China supplier.
  3. Keep napkins within reach at your restaurant with commercial napkin dispensers & holders! Get OEM custom on your order from Telling Paper today!
  4. We also can offer 2ply quiltd dispenser paper napkin.
>> Product Description

Dispenser Napkins | Interfold Napkins

  • Dispenser napkin and American Dinner napkin can not be printed Logo on napkin.
  • Dispenser quilted inerfold napkin( V fold) standard unfolded size is 165mm*200mm/165mm*225mm, folded size is 165*100mm/165mm*115mm.
  • Tall fold dispenser napkin/ N fold tall-fold napkins standard unfolded size is 340mm(L)*180mm(H), folded size is 170mmX85mm; 6.7″X3.4″.
  • Fast food dispenser napkin standard unfolded size is 330mm x 165mm; 13″X6.5″, folded size is 165mm x 85mm; 6.5″X3.35″.
  • Off fold dispenser napkin standard unfolded size is 200mm x 210mm, folded size is 130*85mm.
  • Low fold dispenser napkin standard unfolded size is 230mm*180mm, folded size is 115mm*85mm.
  • E fold dispenser napkin standard size in Australian is 200mm*215mm or 180mm*215mm.
  • Dispenser napkin unfolded standard size is 295mm x 180mm, folded size is 150mm x 85mm.
  • MOQ: Our standard size 295mm x 180mm dispenser napkin paper’s minimum order is 100 boxes. 
  • Delivery time:15 days(The specifications should be packed according to our standard size, the fastest delivery can be 15 days).
  • We support OEM, we can customize the paper napkin according to your specifications, and we can also produce paper dispenser napkin according to the standard size of your local market.
Brown Dispenser Napkin Packing
Dispenser Napkins
Product Name

Dispenser Quilted Inerfold Napkin(V fold)

Paper Material100% virgin pulp
Paper Layer12ply
Paper Weight16gsm
Unfolded size


Folded size


Inner Packing250 sheets/pack
Outer Packing24packs/carton
Packing DesignCustomized accepted
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