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>> Disposable Printed Napkin | Virgin/ Bamboo| Print Party/ Christmas Napkins With LOGO

Printed Party Napkin

Chinese Vendors Print Napkins | Custom LOGO & Design


  1. Printed napkins for any venue or occasional event from weddings to parties. Printed napkins can be printed on full area or smaller areas.
  2. Perfect for signature drinks and appetizers! Custom printed paper napkins are more affordable alternative to our specialty foil napkins. 
  3. Christmas napkins set of printed dinner napkins Perfect for Parties Dinners Weddings Cocktail Christmas napkins Party 25x25cm/ 33x33cm colors printing.
>> Product Description

LOGO Print Napkin | Christmas Napkin

  • Printed Party Napkin can be 1-4 colors printing, foil printing. we can print customized logo and design.
  • Party Printing Napkin standard unfolded size is 250mm*250mm, 1/4 folded size is 125mm*125mm.
  • Print Christmas Napkin standard unfolded size is 330mm*330mm, 1/4 folded size is 165mm*165mm.
  • MOQ: 300 packs with our available design printed napkins, 2000 packs customized design printing paper napkins.
  • Delivery time:15 days(The specifications should be packed according to our standard size, the fastest delivery can be 15 days).
  • We support OEM, we can customize the paper napkin according to your specifications, and we can also produce paper printed napkin according to the standard size of your local market.
Printed Christmas Napkin
Christmas Napkin
Product NamePrint Napkin
Paper Material100% virgin wood pul
Paper Layer12ply or 3ply
Paper Weight18gsm
Unfolded size250mm*250mm or 330mm*330mm
Folded size125mm*125mm, 1/4 fold or 165mm*165mm, 1/4 fold
Inner Packing20 sheets/pack
Outer Packing300 packs/carton
Packing DesignCustomized accepted

300packs with our available design.

2000packs customized design

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