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  1. We have all types of folded towel paper, including Interfold towel, Multifold towel/ N fold towel/ Z fold towel/ 3 fold towel, Single fold towel/ V fold towel/ Half fold towel, C fold towel, Australian interfold towel(slimline towel, ultraslim towel, compact towel, extra large towel).
  2. TLP’s offers quality performance folded paper towel for all your hand-drying needs in restrooms, kitchens and offices.
  3. Our fold towel is 1-ply, 2-ply better absorbency and hand drying efficiency with 100% recycled quality. High performance in terms of hygiene and environmental friendliness.
  4. Hand fold towel can be made of 3 types materials: virgin, bamboo, recycled. TLP could offer wood pulp bleached white or unbleached natural.
  5. TLP have dots embossed folded towel, compaction and smooth, strong.
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Fold Towel Paper | TLP Wholesale price

  • The most common fold towel in the world is Multi-fold towel/ N-fold towel/ Z-fold towel/ 3 -fold towel, the standard size is 23cm*23cm(folded size 23cm*7.8cm), the length can be adjusted.
  • Single-fold towel/ V-fold towel/ Half-fold towel,  Telling paper can make three sizes of 20cm, 22.5cm, 25cm. This refers to the folded direction, which is fixed and cannot be adjusted. The other side can be produced according to requirements. In other words, we can make 21.5cm*20cm(folded size 21.5*10cm), 23cm*20cm(folded size 23m*10cm), 23cm*22.5cm(folded size 23cm*11.25cm), 23cm*25cm(folded size 23cm*12.5cm). 20cm and 22.5cm can be made by 2-ply,16gsm/18gsm/20gsm.
  • C-fold towel standard size: 25.5cm*33cm(folded size 25.5cm*9cm).
  • Australian interfold towel standard size:
  1. Slimline towel/ Multifold towel: 23cm*23cm
  2. Ultraslim towel/ 5 fold towel: 24cm*24cm
  3. Compact towel: 20cm*25cm
  4. Extra large towel: 23cm*36.5cm
Brown Bamboo paper hand towel
paper towel Virgin pulp Disposable MultiFold N-fold Hand towel
Product NameUltra Slim Towel
Paper Materialvirgin/recycled/banboo pulp
Paper Layer1/2 Ply
Sheet Size23cm*24cm

Folded size


Basic Weight

1ply 45gsm unbleached or 1ply 40gsm

white/2ply 18gsm white

Packing design


150 sheets/Pack


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