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white centre pull towel

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  1. TLP’s centre pull towel is usually uses for bathroom towel, kitchen towel, public toilet roll towel.
  2. Our centre roll towel is high quality 1-ply, 2-ply better absorbency and hand drying efficiency with 300m
    long sheets are no perforated for smooth dispensing. Touchless dispensing, do not contain dirt and fluorescent.
  3. Centre pull towel can be made of 3 types materials: virgin, bamboo, recycled. TLP could offer wood pulp bleached white or unbleached natural.
  4. TLP have rhombus or dots embossed roll towel, compaction and smooth, strong.
  5. We also can provide 2 ply quiltd centre pull towel paper.
>> Product Description

Centre Pull Towel Paper | TLP Manufacturer

  • Centre pull towel standard size is 20cm*300m*1ply*25gsm made of virgin wood pulp.
  • Centre pull towel white paper also can be used as a kitchen towel. Many European likes 20/23gsm 2ply quilted centre pull towel.
  • We support OEM, we can customize the roll towel paper according to your specifications, and we can also produce towel paper according to the standard size of your local market.
blue centre pull towel
centre pull towel paper
Product Name Centre pull towel
Paper Material virgin/recycled/bamboo pulp
Paper Layer 1/2 Ply
Sheet Length 300m/Custom size
Sheet Width 20cm
Core diameter 7.6cm
Roll diameter Customized
Paper Weight 1ply 25gsm/ 2ply 20gsm/23gsm
Inner Packing NA
Outer Packing 6 rolls/carton or Custom
Packing Design Customized
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