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What is a airlaid paper napkins?

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Telling Airlaid napkins, also known as linen-like napkins or cloth-like napkins, represent a pinnacle in disposable tableware.  Crafted through advanced airlaid technology, these napkins seamlessly merge the convenience of single-use products with the luxurious feel and absorbency of traditional fabric.  Unlike conventional paper napkins, airlaid napkins possess a textile-like texture, providing a tactile experience that elevates any dining setting.  They strike the perfect balance between practicality and opulence, making them an indispensable choice for fine dining establishments, casual eateries, or special events1.  Key features include:


Softness: Airlaid napkins closely resemble the feel of traditional cloth, enhancing the dining experience with elegance and comfort.

Absorbency: Exceptionally absorbent due to their open and porous structure, making them effective in managing spills.

Texture and Appearance: Often embossed with intricate patterns, airlaid napkins add sophistication to table settings.

Benefits include hygiene, convenience, time savings, and labor efficiency compared to laundering cloth napkins1.  If you’re planning an event, consider using linen feel airlaid paper napkins—they’re perfect for weddings, Christmas, birthdays, and parties

Airlaid Dinner napkin
Paper napkin

Why choose Telling paper napkins for your decoupage project ?

TLP Telling paper napkins for decoupage are popular due to their artistic designs and distinctive patterns.You can find printed designs for any occasion and celebration like engagement napkins, Christmas napkins, Easter napkins, baby shower napkins, Mother’s Day Napkins, cupid napkins for valentine, decoupage napkins for birthday party or cocktail napkins.

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Blue roll towel

History of paper towels

TLP Paper towels are one of the few things specifically made for clumsy people.They are versatile, effective and, in our opinion, a severely underrated household item.

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custom paper cups

What Are Paper Napkins?

Paper napkin is used in the kitchen to clean up small messes and keep your hands clean and dry from time to time. Use napkins when eating outdoors, in a restaurant, or at home.

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